Agenda Ransomware

A new ransomware makes its appearance in the cyber world, the Agenda ransomware. Researchers have detected worrying moves on the part of this new group. In a short period of time, they have already orchestrated several attacks targeting organizations in Asia and Africa.

The Agenda ransomware was developed in the Go programming language. A language widely used by hackers to develop malware.

The name Agenda comes from a post by a Dark Web user named ”Qilin” who is likely part of the ransomware distributors.

The group behind the Agenda ransomware executes well-targeted attacks on studied victim companies. In each invasion, the mode of operation is very customized. That way, the Agenda ransomware is able to deeply damage company systems.

The ransomware can reboot systems into Windows safe mode and disrupt running server processes and services.

In an investigation into the group’s previous attack, researchers found that the group behind the Agenda ransomware used a Citrix server as an entry point into the victim’s environment.

Using leaked identities, the threat actors gained access to Active Directory via RDP and then scanned the network using the Nmap.exe and Nping.exe scanning tools.

With these strategies, the Agenda ransomware infected data from healthcare and education organisations in Indonesia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

Its ransom demands are relatively high and can range from $50,000 to $800,000.

Of course, an attack of this magnitude can turn many businesses or organisations upside down. And at such times it is crucial to have competent professionals who can turn the situation around.

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