Pandora Ransomware

Pandora ransomware appears to be a variation of the Rook ransomware, the group was first seen in March 2022.

Pandora comes from a lineage of other powerful malware, such as Rook itself, which developed its malware based on the source code of the Babuk ransomware. The group primarily targets large corporations.

Pandora is designed to spread as fast as possible and reach as many machines as possible, to do this, after breaking into the system, the ransomware moves laterally in order to reach as much data as possible.

The target is not only to encrypt the data, but also to steal sensitive files from the company, this ends up being the biggest bargaining chip in the negotiation.

Recently, the group attacked Denso, an automotive parts manufacturing giant, Denso supplies parts for Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Honda, Volvo, Fiat and General Motors. This hack shows the power of the group.

All encrypted files are given the extension .pandora, these files cannot be opened or altered.

After the encryption process is completed a text file named ‘Restore_My_Files.txt’ is generated and secured in all system folders.

In the ransom note is the link for the victim to access the group’s leak site and negotiate the ransom payment.

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