OnePercent Ransomware

We know that the OnePercent ransomware has been active in the cyber world since late 2020. Based on Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) operations, the group behind OnePercent ransomware has been directing attacks on a number of companies around the world and largely in the United States.

Like many other ransomware, OnePercent typically encrypts a company’s data, threatening to release or auction off the information collected if payment does not occur.

The procedure and some tools used by OnePercent are well known to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) which has been interested in the group since the beginning of its attacks.

The OnePercent ransomware relies on the IceID trojan to break into systems via phishing campaigns and malicious emails. After that invasion, they seek to gain an access to the infected system via Cobalt Strike.

According to the FBI, the hackers can remain on the victim’s systems for approximately one month. Over those weeks, the OnePercent ransomware spreads through the environment and extracts important data.

To do this, the group needs to be prepared with tools to act inside the system and go undetected all this time. The OnePercent ransomware can rely on tools such as MimiKatz, SharpKatz and BetterSafetyKatz, the SharpSploit post-exploitation library and the Rclone command-line software.

The group also has a reputation for taking an aggressive approach to their victims in obtaining ransom payments. They call victims using fake phone numbers and send them multiple emails if they have not responded to their ransom demand within a week.

In addition to the procedures used and the various tools involved in the encryption process, for victims who refuse to pay quickly, the group responsible for OnePercent threatens to take the data public. After this warning, if the victim still refuses to pay, the data is transferred to the REvil Sodinokibi group to be auctioned off.

The partnership between these two groups is worrying and very dangerous since REvil Sodinokibi is actually the most feared ransomware of the last decade.

Certainly, in cases of ransomware attacks, it is essential that a company is well monitored.

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