Midas Ransomware

The Midas ransomware is one of the variations of the Thanos ransomware that has emerged recently, Thanos was a large group that emerged in 2020, after numerous attacks the group disappeared, after a few months the source code of the malware was leaked, from this leak emerged the ransomware Prometheus, Spook, Haron and the newest of the group, Midas.

There is still little information on how these ransomware are related, other than that they are variations of Thanos. What can be said is that they are all extremely powerful, and have amassed numerous successful attacks.

Speaking specifically about Midas, the group works with the RaaS (Ransomware as a Service) tactic, their malware has been sold on the web forums, and they also maintain a website for leaking stolen files from victims, the group works with the tactic of double extortion.

After Midas invades the victim’s system, the malware shuts down all programs and functions that could detect it or interrupt the encryption process. 

The encrypted files are given an extension that is the name of the company itself, these files can only be opened with the help of the decryption key. When the encryption process is finished, a decryption key is generated, which in turn is also encrypted.

A text file is left with the ransom terms and threats in case the payment is not made, even though the group demands the payment of the ransom they have no guarantee that the decryption key will actually be delivered to the victim or if it actually works.

Recover files encrypted by Midas ransomware

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We have been operating in the data recovery market for over 23 years, we have the necessary know-how to act in the most complex scenarios of data loss, few scenarios are as complicated as a ransomware attack.

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During the whole process the client is accompanied by one of our specialists who are able to explain any doubts about the process, and we also provide a confidentiality agreement (NDA) to all our clients.

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