Luna Ransomware

The Luna ransomware was discovered in June 2022, it is developed in the Rust programming language, preventing the group from being easily detected because the malware’s code does not remain static. This variation is capable of operating on multi-platforms, which allows the ransomware to attack on more than one operating system at the same time, including Windows, Linux and ESXi.

To encrypt victims, Luna uses a combination of unpopular algorithms, the Diffie-Hellman x25519 key exchange and the AES encryption standard. After being executed, the files are given a so far unknown extension, which blocks access to the data.

During investigations, it was discovered that the Luna ransomware was fully adapted to the Russian language, indicating that the group’s targets are probably not part of the former USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).

Another point that reinforces this idea is the fact that the Luna ransom notes are written in American English, containing spelling errors, pointing out that the note was translated from another language.

Despite the complex information, the ransomware is relatively simple compared to others, and its resources are limited.

Recover files encrypted by Luna ransomware

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