Exorcist Ransomware

Exorcist ransomware has surfaced on Russian dark web forums looking for affiliates willing to carry out attacks with its malware, the group offers 70% of the ransom to its affiliates.

This tactic is called RaaS (Ransomware as a Service) which is the outsourcing of attacks, is used to expand the group’s influence. Affiliates have some freedom to carry out attacks, one of the few restrictions being attacks on countries that are members of the former Soviet Union.

Several ransomware groups treat these countries with a certain amount of fear, the best explanation is that these groups control their attacks from these countries, and do not want the attention of the authorities, so they mainly target Western countries.

Exorcist uses AES 256 + RSA 4096 encryption, this combination of algorithms increases the reliability of the encryption, making it virtually impossible to break without the decryption key that the group keeps on a remote server.

All files affected by the ransomware are given an extension with a sequence of random characters, this extension is the same for all files, and the ransom note also carries in its name the random characters.

On the ransom note are all the necessary information for the victim to contact the criminals and pay the ransom, even though the group does not give any guarantees whether they will actually release the decryption key after payment.

Recover files encrypted by Exorcist ransomware

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