Entropy Ransomware

Entropy ransomware comes from a long line of malware that has been hacking and stealing data from large corporations for years, it is a variation of DoppelPaymer ransomware and part of the EvilCorp gang. The gang has other ransomware such as WastedLocker, Hades and Phoenix.

The EvilCorp group has become so big that the US Treasury Department has placed sanctions on companies that negotiated ransom payments with the group. This shows the power and influence of the ransomware groups, this forced the group to create offshoots of their groups, thus several ransomware groups were born, such as Entropy.

The Entropy ransomware was first seen in September 2021, the group has a website to leak the files of companies that have not paid the ransom.

Even though Entropy is ransomware, its biggest specialty is data theft. After breaking into the victim’s system, the ransomware hides itself to reach as much data as possible, There are records of cases where the ransomware spent 4 months moving laterally in the victim’s system, extracting as many files as possible.

The ransomware is designed to look for flaws in the machines allocated on the network, finding these flaws it invades the system and copies all the files and sends them to a remote server, then encrypts the original files.

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