BlackShadow Ransomware

The BlackShadow ransomware emerged in mid-2021, soon after emerging, it began a series of attacks and data leaks. One of the attacks that drew the most attention was on Israel’s Machon Mor medical institute, the leak included medical records of about 290,000 patients.

The directory that was stolen and leaked includes various information, about blood tests, treatments, appointments for gynaecologists, CT scans, ultrasounds, colonoscopies, vaccinations for flights abroad and others.

The ransomware group also made a major attack on a dating website’s database by gaining access to the platform’s customer records.

BlackShadow asks for a fixed ransom of $1 million in bitcoins, and if chance the ransom is not paid within 48 hours, the company’s data is leaked on the group’s website.

After the data leak, the group leaves the following message: “48 hours ended! Nobody send us money. This is not the end, we have more plan.” And even after the leak, the company’s data will remain encrypted.

Remaining with encrypted files can paralyze the operation of the company causing a loss that can easily exceed the amount requested as ransom by the criminals. Given this, it may seem that the best way out is to pay the ransom, and get your data back again. This is not the best way out, there are companies specialized in recovering data encrypted by ransomware.

Recover Files Encrypted by BlackShadow Ransomware

Digital Recovery specializes in the recovery of files that have been encrypted by any ransomware extension on any storage device, whether HD, SSD, Database, Servers, Storages, Virtual Machines, RAID systems and others.

We create exclusive processes to meet the real needs of each client, during the entire process the client is accompanied by a specialist who will report on each stage of recovery.

All these processes are in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we also make available to our customers the confidentiality agreement (NDA). The whole process is done in a totally secure environment.

In cases where sending the device is not possible, we can recover the files remotely, which will speed up the recovery process.

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