0mega Ransomware

0mega is a new ransomware extension released in May 2022. The group uses double extortion strategies, just like LockBit and other hacker families.

The double extortion adopted by the ransomware variants, consists of in addition to charging a fee to recover the encrypted files, the groups threaten to expose the victim’s data if the negotiation does not take place.

The ransomware adds a “.0mega” extension to all infected files, blocking access and stealing the data. A ransom note called “DECRYPT-FILES.txt” is also inserted on the user’s desktop .

The 0mega ransom notes are customized for each victim. Containing company name, samples of stolen data and the link to their TOR domain. Only those who have suffered a ransomware attack have the login key to the site, as the ransom note has a blob (Binary Large Object) encoded in Base64. The group also contains a website dedicated to leaking corporate data that is being encrypted.

Currently the site claims to have access to over 150 gb stolen from a single target. And last month, one of the exposed companies was removed from the ransomware’s list, making the idea that ransom was held by the victim.

So far there is no information of amounts demanded by the 0mega and also the encryption algorithm has not been revealed.

Recover files encrypted by 0mega ransomware

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