Xing Team Ransomware

The Xing Team Ransomware is a relatively new group, its first appearance was in 2021, it is a derivation of an old malware called Mount Locker. They have adopted the tactic of leaking the hijacked files, this data is posted on the group’s Dark web site.

This type of tactic has been applied by the vast majority of ransomware groups, leaking the files puts pressure on companies to pay the ransom as soon as possible.

The most famous Xing ransomware attack was against LineStar Integrity Services, this attack occurred around the same time as the highly publicized Colonial Pipeline attack. As a result of this attack, the entire gasoline supply in the eastern United States was crippled, this attack was done by the Darkside ransomware. Unlike this attack, the attack on LineStar was not publicized, the leak was only disclosed by the group DDoSecrets that defends the transparency of companies, they discovered the leak of the files and posted on their website.

This is a clear example of how companies don’t want attacks to be leaked to the media.

It is not known for sure if LineStar paid the ransom to the criminals.

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