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Clean Room Class 100

Environment with ostensible particulate control

Digital Recovery is a technology company, specializing in data recovery, that always follows the highest standards of quality and technical requirements in the market.

A Class 100 Cleanroom is an environment with ostensible particle control, where you can ensure that the environment is suitable for opening and handling hard drives.

If the hard drive is opened in an ordinary environment, it will be completely contaminated by dust particles.

The distance from the reading heads to the platters (where the information is stored) is a few times smaller than a strand of hair. The mere fact that a particle of dust comes into contact with a HD platter spinning at a speed of 7,200 RPM can cause enough damage to make data recovery impossible.

In other words, a Class 100 Cleanroom guarantees that the disk will be handled in the same conditions as the environment in which the hard drive was manufactured, bringing peace of mind and safety to our customers.

Recommendation: Never open your HD (Hard Drive) in inappropriate places, even in cases of YouTube tutorials or advice from computer technicians, exposing a media outside a Clean Room can cause damage to the read platters and make the data inaccessible forever.

In cases where the HD has been opened in an inappropriate place, talk to a data recovery expert to validate the possibilities still existing to rescue the lost data, Digital Recovery may be your last hope! 

Why Digital Recovery?

Frequently Asked Questions About Recovering Storages

Databases are collections of information that are related in a way that makes the information meaningful for a particular task.

  • Data: These are raw generated sources that initially do not exert any kind of interaction for a given action.
  • Information: Consists of the grouping of data in a totally organized way that generates a real result for decision making, and this ends up generating a broad knowledge.

It is a programming language used by almost all relational databases for queries, manipulations and data definitions.

A database allows the storage of practically any type of data and this ends up reducing extra costs in infrastructure, optimising time in decision-making and speeding up daily processes.

We can name five main ones that we typically service at Digital Recovery, these are:

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Progress

Note: Digital Recovery caters for all types of databases, these mentioned above are the ones we usually get for recovery as they are known to various audiences and companies using this technology today.

It is the set of computer software programs that are responsible for managing a database.

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