What is a Virtual Machine?

Recovery Virtual Machines

Virtual Machine (VM – Virtual Machine), also known as virtualization process, is a technology that allows the integration of a virtual system on your computer in a totally isolated way. So that everything that is changed in the virtual environment will not affect the rest of the machine.

What is RAID? All you need to know


.elementor-element-919bb63, .elementor-element-3bd6e33, .elementor-element-78959d1{ display: none; } The RAID system has become a fundamental part for companies that have large volumes of data. Before implementing this system in your company, learn what RAID is, how RAID works and how to implement it. A RAID is formed by a set of HDDs and SSDs, which need to […]

The Real Size of a Yottabyte

After Edward Snowden made the accusation that the US National Security Agency (NSA) was spying on companies around the world, including Petrobras in Brazil, several reports from various places around the world, including Brazil, targeted the US agency. The United States National Security Agency was creating a Data Center with the capacity to store all […]