PYSA Ransomware Cyber ​​Attacks

The PYSA (Protect Your System Amigo) Ransomware or Mespinoza Ransomware has been operating effectively on the internet for a long time. He is famous for numerous attacks. So much so that the FBI has released a warning of the dangers of this ransomware.

It has been in operation since December 2019 and remains active today. In order to pressure victims to make payments they disclose part of the encrypted files to the public, which can bring serious consequences for the company.

PYSA is a RaaS (Ransomware as a Service) tool that outsources attacks, this ransomware is for sale to people who do not have the ability to develop the virus. This type of tactic increases the proportion of attacks, many groups are acting in the same way.

Victims of the PYSA ransomware

In March 2020, the FBI released a warning on their Twitter about the increase in PYSA ransomware attacks, targeted attacks on American and British schools. Many had part of their information leaked on the Dark Web.

Government authorities can do little for the victims of attacks, if the company does not have an up-to-date backup it will be practically forced to pay the ransom amount to cybercriminals.

This may seem like the only viable way out, but it’s not! We at Digital Recovery were able to develop technologies capable of recovering files encrypted by ransomware without the need for a decryption key.

PYSA ransomware encrypted file recovery

A few years ago this type of recovery was virtually impossible to do, but the rise in ransomware attacks has given us a sense of urgency in creating a technology capable of recovering this data. After a lot of study and a lot of investment, we were finally able to develop the Tracer

Today, we are among the select group of companies that can recover files encrypted by ransomware.

We need to access the affected Hard Disk, Storage, Virtual Machine or Server so that we can run an advanced diagnosis and start the process of rebuilding the files.

Count on our professionals so that the recovery is done in the safest possible way, and for urgent cases we provide emergency mode recovery.

Contact our experts and check out what we can do for you.

Digital Recovery helps companies recover data

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