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Recover Deleted, Corrupted or Accidentally Deleted Files from the Recycle Bin

We are able to recover files from any data storage device

Recovering files that have been deleted is more common than you think, it is recurrent demand for companies specializing in recovering deleted files and, of these companies, Digital Recovery is one of the national highlights.

All data storage devices can suffer file loss, HDDs, SSDs, Pen Drives, Memory Cards, Smartphones, Storages, Magnetic Tapes, databases, RAID systems and others.

There are countless reasons that cause data loss. But fortunately, in the vast majority of cases, there is the possibility of data recovery, as long as the project is executed by a company specialized in the subject.

Because the fact that an unprepared person manipulates the storage device improperly in order to rescue the deleted data and files, can in turn, permanently close all doors and possibilities to recover the files, that a company or technician specialized in data recovery would explore.

Recover Deleted Files

Files deleted by mistake, without a doubt is one of the most common reasons for data loss. Everyday we delete countless files, the problem starts when we delete what we shouldn’t.

Generally this data is easy to recover because every operating system has a dedicated space for the Recycle Bin, the deleted files are stored there, and the user him/herself can recover the files quite easily. The Recycle Bin is the last step to permanently delete the files.

For Recycle Bin is reserved, usually 5% of the storage capacity of the device, and when this storage capacity is reached, the oldest files are deleted permanently, to make room for the new files.

In the eyes of a data recovery expert, this deletion is not permanent, it is only for the normal operating system paths.

The recovery of deleted files from the Recycle Bin is carried out by an alternative operating system path, which we have mastered thoroughly.

All data indexed by the operating system, can be deleted in a formatting. Even after formatting, the files are still registered invisibly, because of this, file recovery in the vast majority of cases is still possible, but if new information is registered where the old information is registered, file recovery is almost impossible, due to the concept known as data overwriting.

Most data corruptions occur at a time when the files are in use and unexpectedly there is a malfunction in the storage device when saving the files.

In this case changes to the files are not saved or are saved incorrectly, thus corrupting the files.

Turning off the device with open files can also corrupt the files. We have a history of customers who have corrupted data when a file was being transferred from one device to another and there was a power failure, making it impossible to complete the migration.

File recovery in this case is very delicate. In some cases recovery is possible.

The device needs to undergo an advanced diagnosis by one of Digital Recovery’s specialists to find out the degree of file corruption.

The most commonly used cyber-attack today is known as Ransomware, and this attack manages to lock your files by means of encryption. And with this a reward is demanded for the “kidnapped” data.

The larger the amount of data, the higher the ransom.

According to a survey done by Sonicwall, a digital security company, Brazil in 2020 became the 6th most attacked country in the world by ransomware, with more than 1 million attacks in the year.

The recovery of these files is delicate; few companies in the world have the technology to recover data encrypted by ransomware.

This type of data loss happens due to physical problems in the storage device, the most common of which is the hard disk, because it has its own mechanical components and is very delicate.

The magnetic platter where the data is recorded is extremely sensitive, and the reading head moves over it in a distance smaller than the thickness of a hair. Any touch to the magnetic platter can result in permanent data loss.

This is why recovering files from a damaged hard drive needs to be done by a specialized company, but not only this, the company needs to have a Class 100 Clean Room, this room controls the amount of particles in the air, particles that can damage the magnetic platter.

We can recover files from a burnt hard drive, because even if the logic board is burnt, the files are still registered on the disk.

This scenario is horrific in itself, not only for the loss of data, but more importantly for the possible loss of life and other property that was in the same physical environment.

The recovery of files in this situation depends a lot on the degree of damage caused to the device by fire or water.

To know if there is a possibility of file recovery, an advanced diagnosis by a Digital Recovery specialist is required.

Why Choose Digital Recovery for File Recovery?

Digital Recovery is a company that specializes in recovering files from any and all data storage devices.

We have innovative software and a highly trained team to recover files. We are a 100% Brazilian company with a branch in Hamburg, Germany.

Partnerships to exchange information and share technologies are made between companies in countries such as the United States, Russia, and Ukraine.

Even if your equipment is somewhere where we do not yet have a physical lab, we have the technology to diagnose and recover your data remotely. If this is your case, please contact us, we are available 24x7x365.

If you need it, we can also provide you with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in a language of your choice. Talk to one of our experts.

Frequently Asked Questions About File Recovery

We provide a free first advanced diagnostic within 24 working hours after delivery of the device. This first diagnostic gives us an overview of how to proceed with the file recovery. After this first diagnostic the customer decides if we can proceed with the file recovery.

The recovery time is very relative, as we have cases where 48 hours was enough for us to recover the data, but there are also cases where the recovery can take days.

For this reason, we work with constant feedbacks and checkpoints about the file recovery process, so that the customer is aware of each stage of the recovery.

Note: We are talking about data recovery in normal mode.

If you have urgency in recovering your files, see our emergency recovery mode.

Yes, in order to reduce the delivery time of the data recovery project, we have the option of remote recovery. This alternative speeds up the process, as we save time that would otherwise be spent sending the device.

Contact us to validate if your data can be recovered remotely.

The cost of recovery depends greatly on the complexity of the case and the device. The estimate is made through an advanced diagnosis at no cost, and after the client approves the commercial proposal, we effectively start the data recovery.

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