Ransomware Venus

The Venus ransomware made its appearance around August 2022, and since then the group behind the ransomware has been adding names to its list of victims.

Another ransomware using the same name had already appeared in 2021, but nothing other than the name shows any connection between them.

The operators use Windows vulnerabilities related to the remote desktop system (RDP).

Once the attackers are able to access the environment, they quickly begin the attack procedure. The Venus ransomware will force the shutdown of 39 processes associated with servers, databases, and Microsoft Office applications.

Venus will also scan the environment, attempting to delete event logs, and will disable DEP (Data Execution Prevention). This device is exactly a security function that helps users detect viruses and security threats.

Once the environment is “safe” in the eyes of cybercriminals, data encryption is initiated. All encrypted files will be given the extension .venus to the original file name.

Once the encryption process is complete, the Venus ransomware will create an HTA file in the %Temp% folder. This file is the ransom note and it is automatically displayed on the screen when the ransomware has finished encrypting the data in the environment.

The victim will find in this file a TOX address and an email address that can be used to contact the attackers.

The Venus ransomware has been quite active in recent days, so it is necessary to be well monitored if your company suffers from a ransomware attack.

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