SchoolBoys ransomware

The SchoolBoys ransomware was identified in recent weeks by cybersecurity researchers and has already been drawing attention by the recent discovery of it being linked to the same hacker group as the TommyLeaks ransomware.

According to research, the SchoolBoys ransomware was made with the LockBit 3.0 builder that was leaked on twitter. Several hackers have taken advantage of the leaked code, which has led to a large increase in ransomware extensions.

SchoolBoys performs attacks with the intention of encrypting the victim’s data and gaining a financial return by charging a ransom amount ranging from $400,000 to $700,000.

Upon receiving the ransomware on your machine, it encrypts all your data by adding an extension with random characters as in the following example: “example.jpg.snh5fgn4ie”. After encryption all files are inaccessible.

On the victim’s desktop is attached a ransom note also with random characters, containing inside instructions for negotiating the ransom with the hackers and getting the data back.

Recover files encrypted by SchoolBoys ransomware

Even with all files infected, we assert that yes, it is possible to recover files encrypted by ransomware.

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