Ransomware Zeznzo

Zenzno has carried out numerous attacks, the main means he uses to infect the victim’s system are fake software, software crack tools, spam emails and Trojan horses.

The attached files in the spam mails sent by the group look regular, most use extensions such as Word, Excel, .ZIP, .RAR, .RUN, .EXE, PDF, the most common ones to avoid suspicion.

After the ransomware enters the device, it starts to encrypt the files, thus blocking access to the data. Zenzo changes the file extension to .cryptonation92@outlook.com and after that it creates a ransomware file called “README.txt”.

Inside this ransom note is the amount required for them to send the decryption key, and the address from which payment should be transferred. Payment is made in cryptocurrencies, because they are untraceable.

However, it is important to note that the release of the decryption key is not guaranteed, even after payment. There is no one to turn to if the key is not released, which gives criminals a free hand.

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Ransomware Zeznzo

Recover Files Encrypted by Zeznzo Ransomware

Recovery of data encrypted by ransomware requires the work of experts who have in-depth knowledge of how both the storage device and the decryption process works.

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