Ransomware Xinglocker

The Xinglocker ransomware has been carrying out attacks since its first appearance around May 2021. It targets companies that use the Windows operating system.

After finding some access to the victim’s system, whether through email campaigns, malicious links, or human inadvertence, the malware begins to act upon the data.

After encryption, Xinglocker generates a text file “READ_ME.txt”. In it, there is the detailed step-by-step for the victim to contact the cybercriminals and pay the ransom amount for the return of their data.

The group responsible for Xinglocker attacks has been attacking companies around the world while maintaining its anonymity thanks to the Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) strategy.

At first, the Xinglocker ransomware was thought to be a new version, or a variant of the MountLocker and AstroLocker ransomware.

However, over the course of the attacks, studies showed that a slightly different system was being applied. Evidence of similar senders to the same onion address was highlighted and revealed a new franking system. Which in turn was based on another similar group, Mountlocker.

It is critical to emphasize that ransomware organizations are looking for innovative methods to put into practice in their affiliate programs and RaaS operations.

Recover files encrypted by Xinglocker ransomware

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This technology dispenses with the need for the decryption key held by hackers. We do not negotiate with criminals.

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