Ransomware SolidBit

SolidBit ransomware has recently emerged, with the target of extorting large and small businesses, the group behind SolidBit ransomware has been triggering attacks via email campaigns with malicious links and attachments.

Once the environment is accessed, the attackers begin to encrypt files considered important and make them inaccessible to the user.

Malware can also be transferred from one computer to another via the internet. If an infected device is connected to a network, the virus can spread to other devices on the same network.

SolidBit adds a random sequence of four characters to the original file name as a trail after its passage.

According to the group’s own website, the encryption used is a mixture of the AES and RSA algorithms.

In addition to the extension used on the infected files, the ransomware also generates two ransom notes on the attacked machine. One of them will be displayed as a pop-up and the other as a text file “RESTORE-MY-FILES.txt.”

The victim will find some information there, such as the name of the group responsible for the attack and the path to follow to contact them via the Tor browser and pay the ransom in cryptocurrencies.

Some groups have started to stand out with a slightly different approach to the ransom note and this is also the case with the SolidBit ransomware. The group’s proposal is to decrypt an infected file of less than 1 MB for free as a guarantee in the face of the situation.

However, we know that there is no guarantee when it comes to criminals. Double extortion can end up becoming an option for those responsible for the attack.

Therefore, one should not negotiate with criminals.

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