Ransomware Snatch

The Snatch ransomware, also known as Snatch Team, has inaugurated a new strategy to facilitate data encryption. Snatch after invading the system, before starting the encryption, restarts the computer in safe mode. In this mode the system does not start most software, including security software.

But the ransomware is activated and can then freely encrypt and extract the files, as well as move laterally through the company’s internal system in search of credentials with high access privileges.

The group uses a brute force attack to break into the company’s systems, this brute force attack is automated so that it can be done more quickly.

In a recent attack by the group, the ransomware forced its way into a Microsoft Azure server with the administrator’s account and password. After gaining access to the server, the ransomware spread throughout the system and installed itself on at least 200 machines and opened ports on those machines for remote access.

The ransomware was hidden on the network for several days gathering sensitive information for the company and after that the files were encrypted bringing the company to a standstill.

This case is a clear example of how the double extortion tactic works, the groups that adhere to this tactic are not only interested in encrypting the company’s system. They can break into the system and only start encrypting the data many weeks later, during which time they can alter the backup routine, extracting valuable information for the company.

In such a critical scenario, when the files are encrypted, the backups have been modified and there is pressure that the stolen data will be leaked on the internet, and the ransom price easily reaching into the millions of dollars. Recovery of encrypted data needs to be an option, perhaps the least disastrous option for the company.

Recovering Files Encrypted by Snatch Ransomware

We at Digital Recovery are used to working on highly complex cases where files have been totally or partially encrypted.

We have unique technologies that have saved our clients millions of dollars by not paying the ransom demanded by criminals.

From the first contact until the end of the process the customer is followed by one of our specialists, this is so that the service is personalized, so that we can deal with the actual need of each customer.

No matter which data storage device has been affected by ransomware, we at Digital Recovery can recover your files.

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