Ransomware Sabbath

The Sabbath ransomware or “54BB47h” is a spin-off of the Arcane ransomware, this ransomware is not among the big boys, but has proven to be just as damaging.

Sabbath has been doing small attacks in large volume, the group abuses the RaaS tactic (Ransomware a as Service), the malware was found on dark web forums being sold for as little as $9.

The group has adopted the tactic of mass “spraying”, this makes it a real threat to anyone connected to the internet.

The Sabbath ransomware does not discriminate against countries, like some ransomware that avoid some countries and languages, its attacks have gained large proportions.

The group uses double extortion to pressure the victim into paying the ransom, the ransomware extracts and encrypts as many files as possible.

The combination of these two tactics is highly worrying as they are damaging to the person who has been targeted by the group.

Encryption is practically impossible to break without the decryption key, but there are options for doing so. Digital Recovery has developed a technology that can recover files that have been encrypted by ransomware, this tool is called Tracer.

Recovering Files Encrypted by Ransomware Sabbath

The recovery of files encrypted by ransomware has become one of our greatest specialties, for over 20 years we have invested in technologies that are able to recover data on any storage device, such as HDs, SSD, Database, Storages, Servers, RAID Systems, Virtual Machines and others.

Our procedures are customized to meet the real needs of each client, and during the entire process the client will be accompanied by one of our specialists.

All procedures are done in a totally safe environment, and our portfolio also includes remote recovery, which is done in cases where it is not possible to send the media.

We can also sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

Let us show all that we can do for your data, please contact our experts.

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Through unique technologies Digital Recovery can bring back encrypted data on any storage device, offering remote solutions anywhere in the world.

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