Ransomware Ranzy Locker

The Ranzy Locker ransomware has placed itself among the major cybercriminal groups, it is a spin-off of the AKO and ThunderX ransomware. The FBI released a flash alert with information about the group and its high dangerousness.

Ranzy Locker first appeared in 2020, and that same year the FBI reported attacks on more than thirty companies in critical manufacturing, government academic, facilities, information technology, and the transportation sector.

The main tactic implemented by the group to break in is the brute force attack, which exploits known flaws in Microsoft Exchange Server, and uses phishing campaigns that aim to create openings for the brute force attack.

Like the vast majority of ransomware groups the group has the RaaS (Ransomware as a Service) membership program, this tactic is highly profitable for the group as the number of attacks can increase exponentially. This brings renown and authority to the group.

In addition to encrypting the files, Ranzy Locker ransomware steals data that is vital to the companies, such as trade secrets, employee and customer data, etc. These files are used for blackmail, if the victim does not pay the ransom the files will be leaked on the internet.

Recover Files Encrypted by Ranzy Locker Ransomware

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