Ransomware Prometheus

The Prometheus ransomware first appeared in February 2021, the FBI issued an alert about it. It is a variant of the Thanos ransomware and claims to be an extension of the REvil Sodinokibi group, but there is no concrete evidence of a link between the two groups.

This tactic is used by newly created groups that do not yet have as much relevance in the field. Using references to larger groups brings an authority to the group that would not be easily achieved on its own, bringing more weight to their name, causing the hacked company to take them more seriously and pay the ransom.

The standard ransom demanded by the group for each attack costs an average of $20,000.

The Prometheus Ransomware claims to have hacked 30 organizations and carried out attacks in some countries such as the United States, Brazil, Norway and 15 other countries, and some Brazilian organizations such as, Chilli Beans and the retail chain SINCOR have suffered attacks by this ransomware.

Ransomware keeps a focus on some specific areas, such as Manufacturing, Logistics, Financial, Agriculture, Security, Healthcare, Construction, Hospitals and others.

And Prometheus itself has a website for leaking the files, to shame companies and create pressure for them to pay the ransom. In case the payment does not occur in the determined time, the auction of the data starts.

Recover files encrypted by Prometheus ransomware

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Signing the confidentiality agreement (NDA) so that the client has the guarantee that their data will not be disclosed.

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