NB65 Ransomware

The NB65 ransomware emerged after the leak of the Conti ransomware source code, and has emerged to be its antagonist. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shown that there is a new form of warfare, one that goes far beyond military might.

The cyber front of the attacks proved to be extremely effective, hackers were called to the front lines on both sides, and in the face of this, some groups have positioned themselves for and against Russia.

Among the groups that are pro-Russia is the Conti ransomware, this positioning led to a stampede of several members who did not agree with such positioning. This departure of members resulted in leaks of internal members’ conversations and the leak of the malware’s source code.

And this leak gave ammunition to hacker teams that are against Russia, groups led by the notorious Anonymous.

Out of this scenario came the NB65 ransomware, the malware was developed based on the first Conti source code leak. NB65 made the proper algorithm changes so that no Conti decryption keys would work on your files.

The group began an assault on Russian state-owned companies such as the All-Russian State Company for Radio and Television Broadcasting (VGTRK) and the Russian Space Agency ‘Roscosmos’. Both companies have had files leaked that contained confidential information.

The attacks that were initially all focused on state-owned companies have now turned to private companies, the group justifies its attacks by the vast majority of the Russian population agreeing with the invasion of Ukraine.

There is no indication that the NB65 attacks will cease or that they will concentrate solely on Russian territory. And should these attacks spread to other countries, Digital Recovery will be ready to recover files encrypted by NB65 ransomware.

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