Ransomware MBC

The MBC Ransomware although little known is a group that practices large organized operations.

There are several malicious malware spread across the internet, most of which infect random victims. However, MBC, like LockBit, does not carry out random attacks, but targets specific targets.

In July 2021 MBC was able to hack and block Iran’s railway system, the hack brought transportation to a standstill for an entire day. The means for recovery were not disclosed.

The following month, the group announced the launch of its website hosted on the TOR network for leaking companies encrypted by the ransomware. The announcement contained a countdown and a link directing to chat on Telegram.

After the ransomware is executed, the data is locked until the decryption key is released by the group. An extension developed by the hackers is added to the files, and from there, the extortion process begins.

So far, information about the encryption algorithm and ransom amounts are unknown.

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