Ransomware Lorenz

The Lorenz Ransomware has been growing, even though it has not been active for a long time, it has already managed to hit twelve different organizations. This shows the power of the group. It is similar to ThunderCrypt, apparently Lorenz used its source code.

The Ransomware works internally on a local network, making it find the accesses of the Windows domain administrators.

After that, it selects the files, and moves them to another remote server, making it impossible for the administrators to access them, thus beginning the encryption of the files.

The ransom charged by the group costs on average US $500,000 to US $700,000.

If the victim does not want to pay the ransom, the group releases the files bit by bit, as well as offering access to the network that was attacked.

Lorenz uses AES encryption, and with the embedded key RSA. Each file will have the specific name ‘.Lorenz.sz40’, thus changing its original name and also its extension.

Each victim receives in their folders the file called ‘HELP_SECURITY_EVENT.html’, which has within it the link to the site, with the ransom information, the amount that must be paid in Bitcoin, and offering a chat for negotiations with the hackers.

The group’s strategies to access computers are through program cracks, game patches, and illegal key activation programs, or even purposeful direct attacks.

Recovering Files Encrypted by Ransomware Lorenz

After learning how its attack and encryption works, we know that it is not so simple to solve the problem. Being that it encrypts the systems and the network attacked.

But knowing this, we also need to understand that only professionals specialized in recovering data encrypted by Ransomware, can solve the problem.

Lorenz Ransomware recovery is possible! Digital Recovery has the necessary experience to do so.

Our customers have saved millions of dollars by not paying the ransom by choosing our unique solutions. These solutions are compliant with the confidentiality agreement (NDA).

We can recover encrypted data on major storage devices such as: HDDs, SSDs, Databases, Servers, Virtual Machines, Storage, RAID systems, and others.

We are available to recover your files encrypted by Lorenz Ransomware. Please contact our experts.

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