Ransomware Lockean

The Lockean ransomware is the newest group in the “big game hunting” which is the open hunting of large corporations.The first record of the ransomware was made yesterday (03/10/2021), but not that it was the first record of activity from the group.

There are indications that they have already been allied with large groups that have done numerous attacks around the world such as: DoppelPaymer, Maze, Prolock, Egregor and REvil Sodinokibi.

Initially, it seems that the group’s target is restricted to French companies, to the extent that the government through Le Centre gouvernemental de veille, d’alerte et de réponse aux attaques informatiques (CERT-FR) issued a warning about the group’s activities in the country.

The last alert issued by the government was on March 2, a warning about the Egregor ransomware, this group was responsible for attacks on the Ouest France daily, the video game giant Ubisoft, and the carrier Gefco.

The French police managed to track down and arrest part of this group, but this alert shows just how dangerous this group is for companies in the country.

Of even greater concern is the tactic employed by the group, RaaS (Ransomware as a Service), which involves seeking out affiliates and making the ransomware available for attacks to take place.

The group charges a percentage of the ransom and makes its website available for leaking the files if the ransom is not paid by the company.

All indications are that we will see a wave of Lockean ransomware attacks, which possibly will not be restricted to France only, but will spread across Europe and reach America.

The good news is that unlike the times of the Egregor ransomware attacks, today there is a company that has the technology to recover files encrypted by Lockean ransomware and thus restore the operation of the affected company, Digital Recovery.

Ransomware Lockean

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