Ransomware Hotarus

Hotarus ransomware lists among the most profitable ransomware of the year 2021, Hotarus made an attack on Ecuador’s largest private bank and, claimed to have stolen numerous bank customer files.

The group released 6,500 personal files of the bank’s customers, such as user login, passwords, and card numbers. Although the bank claimed that the attack did not target their internal system, but a partner marketing company.

But this does not seem to be true, as the leaked files were under the care of the bank. The group claimed that they broke into the marketing company’s system, but found loopholes in their system that led to the bank’s servers, and they took advantage of this loophole by stealing and encrypting as many files as possible.

This attack is a clear, practical example of how ransomware behaves after a company’s system has been hacked. Ransomware moves laterally in search of files most valuable to the company, especially in integrated systems.

This is why it is vital to protect a company’s internal networks, such as segmentation. Segmentation serves to make each computer independent, so that if a computer is attacked the ransomware is isolated on that computer, encrypting only the files it contains.

This strategy decreases the ransomware’s field of action and reduces the chances of further damage to the company.

Segmentation is extremely important when talking about online backups, ransomware has developed to identify and encrypt all the files in the backup. Therefore, the backup needs to be isolated from the rest of the company’s network.

The best option is for the backup to be stored Offline, there are numerous Magnetic Tape options for this purpose.

Hotarus Ransomware

Recovering Files Encrypted by Ransomware Hotarus

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