Ransomware HolyGhost

The Holy Ghost Ransomware is an organization that has been operating since June 2021, carrying out small-scale double extortion attacks. Its method consists of stealing information and threatening to expose it on its TOR domain.

According to the researchers, the group chooses not to attack large institutions that require time and complex strategies. But they aim to conduct smaller operations in several countries, targeting the financial, educational, and industrial sectors.

Holy Ghost encrypts the victim by adding the extension “.h0lyenc” to each infected file, blocking access to the information.

To obtain a financial return on its operations, the group asks for amounts ranging from 1.2 to 5 bitcoins in order to decrypt the victim’s data. It is worth noting that dealing with the group is extremely dangerous and can result in further losses.

Upon investigation, it was detected that Holy Ghost is North Korean, with no support from the local government, focused solely on the own income of the hackers involved in the project.

One feature that caught the attention of investigators is that the tools used by the group were created by another ransomware extension known as PLUTONIUM. This could indicate a possible connection between the groups.

It is common for ransomware groups to use different names in their attacks, Holy Ghost is just one of several names of the organization, it is also known as SiennaPurple, H0lyGh0st and DEV-0530.

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