Ransomware Erebus

Erebus ransomware uses RSA-2048 encryption to lock the files, it accesses the computer via malicious online advertisements on third-party websites. Usually these ads redirect users to a Rig exploit server, thereby infecting the computer.

When the Erebus ransomware accesses the device and encrypts the stored files, it is added to all .ecrypt files. After the encryption process is finished two files, one HTML and one TXT (“YOUR_FILES_HAS_BEEN_ENCRYPTED.txt” and “YOUR_FILES_HAS_BEEN_ENCRYPTED.html”) are generated, these on the desktop.

This file contains the information for the victim to contact the group to pay the ransom and then retrieve the primary decryption key, which is left on a remote server. The ransom amount needs to be paid in cryptocurrencies, usually Bitcoin.

There is no guarantee that the decryption key will actually be released after payment, and government authorities do not recommend that ransom payments be paid. For, these payments fund the groups to carry out new attacks.

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Erebus Ransomware

Recover Files Encrypted by Erebus Ransomware

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