Ransomware Ech0raix

The Ech0raix ransomware has been known since 2019. However, recently the group responsible for the Ech0raix ransomware attacks has updated its malware and has once again fired malicious email campaigns around the world.

The group’s attacks are targeted exclusively at QNAP NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices, which has forced the manufacturer QNAP to release problem-solving updates frequently.

The Ech0raix ransomware is written in the GO programming language and, like other ransomware, uses the AES algorithm to encrypt the data.

Right after encrypting the most important data in the environment, the .encrypt extension is added to the original file name.

In its latest wave of attacks, the group behind the Ech0raix ransomware used to ask from 0.024BTC ($1,200) to 0.06BTC ($3,000) in ransom value.

According to independent researchers, there has been a considerable increase in reports of attacks by Ech0raix. A new wave is happening.

QNAP has been alerted and is working on solving the problem. This possible update will of course be a protection against future attacks. However, those who have already been infected will not be able to rely on this improvement for the recovery of their data.

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