Ransomware DoppelPaymer

The DoppelPaymer ransomware is one of the old groups that remains on the world stage to this day, time has not taken away from the group’s thirst and commitment to making attacks. The amount of ransom demanded by the group is around $25,000 to $1.2 million.

The main means of intrusion used by the group are malicious spam email campaigns, one distinguishing feature of this ransomware is that it does not start encryption as soon as it can break into the system, rather it is patient, the ransomware moves laterally within the system in search of a target with higher value.

This kind of tactic shows how the DoppelPaymer ransomware looks for the most valuable targets within a company, this shows a very well thought out tactic by the group.

DoppelPaymer contains a program called Process Hacker, it is used to shut down all programs that can prevent full encryption of files.

The group’s main targets are organizations in the healthcare, emergency services, and education fields. Companies that are part of these industries are likely to pay the ransom because they operate in critical sectors that cannot be paralyzed.

The group has a site for leaking the files on the Dark Web to further pressure companies to pay the ransom.

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