Ransomware Darkside

According to the data, the first appearance of the Darkside Ransomware happened around August 2020. Since then, the group behind the Darkside attacks has been targeting companies in all industries around the world.

The vision of Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) is becoming more and more democratized among cybercriminals. It makes it possible for any malware owner to carry out an attack against a company. The only demand from the group that sold the malware is to receive a percentage of each attack.

It is true that many hacker groups carry out mass attacks on random companies in the hope that one of them will agree to pay the ransom. The Darkside group’s history of attack, however, has highlighted a very thorough company-study strategy.

The complexity of the attacks and the targeting of large companies has shown a very advanced understanding of the victim’s security structure and systems.

In addition to being organized in their attacks, the Darkside group famously practices double extortion. Once the attack has succeeded, they demand a second ransom payment from the victim, threatening to make the stolen information public.

That is, in exchange for your data, the company will have to pay a first ransom to get your data back and a second to keep cybercriminals from taking sensitive information to the general public.

The Darkside group maintains care not to launch the ransomware into the environment before certifying that the area has been mapped, that valuable data has been extracted, that control of privileged accounts has been assumed, and that all backup systems have been discovered. Only then do they begin the encryption.

As much as the group behind the Darkside Ransomware has been updating their malware with its version 2.0 in March 2021, their attack methodology basically remains unchanged. They stake their conquests on the following steps:

  • Initial Access
  • Environment Control
  • Credentials Collection
  • Data Collection and Preparation
  • Encryption

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