DarkRadiation Ransomware

The DarkRadiation ransomware is focused on attacks against Linux systems, mostly based on Debian distributions.

DarkRadiation uses SSH access to move laterally inside the system and be able to deploy the ransomware. It is written in bash script, then they use an open source code called ‘node-bash-obsfucated’, made in Node.js, it messes up the code, making it impossible to read the data.

His first task is to find the root/administrator accesses, then he removes it with a message in code.

After that he creates a user automatically generated by the malware, then lists all the existing ones, and deletes all the ones he did not generate himself. Thus, it blocks all your accesses, removing your users, preventing them from accessing your device.

After the encryption process is complete, all affected files are given the extension “.ReadMe”, and a file is left on the desktop containing the terms for paying the ransom.

DarkRadiation Ransomware

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