Ransomware CoomingProject

The CoomingProject ransomware is a little-known group of malware that performs double extortion attacks.

In addition to encrypting the victims’ data, the hackers steal and threaten to expose the information publicly if negotiation requirements are not met.

It is worth noting that negotiating with the group is not recommended, as there is no guarantee of the release of the decryption key.

Cooming has a TOR leak site where victims are leaked. The organization has already been able to attack companies in the security, healthcare, communications, and beauty industries. Value information and ransom demands have not been published.

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine have attracted many hackers to both sides, CoomingProject has spoken out supporting the Russian government in attacks targeting Ukraine.

After the ransomware is executed, the encrypted files are given a previously unknown extension. When the process is finished, all data is locked up.

In February 2022 the location of 6 members of CoomingProject was identified. The hackers were found in France and were reported to the country’s authorities. Even though the position of the criminals has been announced, there are no reports of the ransomware being disabled.

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