Ransomware Chaos

Chaos Ransomware has been active since June 2021, it is a .NET variant of the RYUK Ransomware. It is being offered for testing on underground forums.

Chaos has come a long way since its first appearance, at first it was much more of a destructive Trojan than a ransomware. But now in its current version it acts like ransomware, which aims to encrypt the victim’s data. 

The group uses the RaaS tactic, there are indications that the group was making the malware freely available on dark web forums, this may indicate that the group was seeking renown and to show its effectiveness with a free trial. 

This kind of tactic could lead to a spike in Chaos attacks, because any malicious person can access it and make attacks, on the other hand, the attacks become more structured. But this does not make it less lethal, because once it has access to the system it is able to encrypt it completely. 

Chaos follows the pattern of other groups by charging in bitcoins for the decryption key to be released so that the victim can access his files again. 

Although it may seem that paying the ransom is the only possible way, we maintain, it is not. Digital Recovery provides unique solutions for the recovery of files encrypted by ransomware, and can recover files even without the decryption key.

Chaos Ransomware

Recover Files Encrypted by Chaos Ransomware

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