Ransomware Blaze

The Blaze ransomware is a relatively new group, a variation of the Babuk ransomware, a group that has made numerous attacks on businesses around the world. Blaze is following the path of its predecessor, the group aims to target large companies.

The group uses phishing campaigns to break into the victim’s system, this tactic is targeted at specific companies, after the malware is downloaded it quickly starts running in the background, mapping the stored files and preparing them for encryption.

The encryption process is done within minutes, all files encrypted by the ransomware are given the .blaze extension. All files with this extension can only be opened with the decryption key.

After the end of encryption a file named  ‘How To Decrypt.txt.’is generated, it contains the ransom terms, the victim is directed to a website in the .TOR browser, through which the victim can contact the criminals for the payment of the ransom.

Paying the ransom is not recommended under any circumstances, paying the ransom funds the group for further attacks.

Recover files encrypted by Blaze ransomware

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