Ransomware Avos Linux

The Avos Linux ransomware is a new update of the Avos Locker ransomware, this new version targets the Linux operating system and specifically Vmware ESXi servers.

There have already been numerous attacks recorded from this new variation of Avos Locker, one of the ransomware requested by the group has reached $1 million. The group is targeting large corporations with targeted attacks.

Many ransomware groups have made updates to their malware to attack Linux systems on virtual machines, there has been an increase in attacks targeting ESXi.

The Avos Locker group works with the RaaS (Ransomware a as Service) tactic, which is selling your malware to outside agents, the group prohibits attacks on former Soviet Union countries.

Many groups only have the ability to attack the Windows operating system, which is the most common, but some groups have emerged with attacks on Linux.

Ransomware Avos Linux

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