Ransomware Astro Locker

The Astro Locker ransomware is the evolution of the Mount Locker ransomware, unlike other groups that change their name to fool authorities, this group changed their name to punctuate their evolution.

After the name change, the group appeared even more aggressive in its attacks and with its malware even more dangerous.

The Astro Locker ransomware script has been updated. Now, after the break-in, it focuses on disabling any program that could cripple the encryption or detect the break-in.

Not only has it been programmed to fetch the backed up files, neutralizing them completely, making it virtually impossible for the company to recover the files itself, it is worth noting that we specialize in recovering data encrypted by ransomware.

There are reports that after the invasion, the ransomware was hidden for several weeks modifying the company’s backup routines, and after completely weakening the backups the files were encrypted.

Think how disastrous that situation can be for a company. Ransomware groups have updated to do just that, undermine all chances of recovering the data without paying the ransom.

Astro Locker ransomware after breaking into a company’s system does not start the encryption right away, instead it hides and starts moving laterally inside the system looking for sensitive files for companies, after locating them, they are copied and extracted to be used as blackmail in the future, this tactic is called double extortion.

The Astro Locker has focused its attacks mainly on biotechnology companies, these companies are extremely valuable to cybercriminals, because they possess valuable intellectual property that can in no way be leaked and can be accessed by their competitors. This is a determining factor for the quick payment of the ransom.

Recovery Ransomware Astro Locker

Recovering Files Encrypted by Ransomware Astro Locker

Digital Recovery specializes in recovering files encrypted by ransomware, of any length. We have developed unique technologies for this purpose.

The fact that we were able to develop a technology with Tracer, our proprietary technology, meant that we were able to recover data in cases that were considered impossible. Only time and experience can generate this expertise.

Throughout the recovery process, the client is accompanied by one of our specialists, who with constant feedbacks will keep the client up to date with each process.

We can recover encrypted files on virtually any storage device, whether HDDs, SSDs, Databases, Virtual Machines, RAID systems, Storages (NAS, DAS, SAN) and others.

All our processes are in line with the confidentiality agreement (NDA).

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