Ransomware Alkhal

Ransomware attacks have been on the rise around the world, and with that comes a new threat, Alkhal ransomware.

It acts like a Trojan horse and is downloaded through files, emails, malicious websites, program downloads, these are just a few ways. Once downloaded the ransomware installs itself on the operating system.

Alkhal ransomware can invade a company’s internal network and compromise all stored files, be they in databases or even virtual machines.

After encrypting the files, the .alkhak extension is automatically added to all files, and an image is created with the terms for the ransom with the name “Recovery.bmp” and also a document with the name “ReadMe.txt” is generated, which contains the information for the victim to get in touch. The group usually uses two e-mails: ‘alkhal@tutanota.com’ and ‘cyrilga@tutanota.com’.

The ransomware groups are only after money, so they create strategies to pressure the victim to pay as soon as possible, even though the release of the decryption key is not guaranteed after the ransom is paid.

The recommended thing to do after suffering a ransomware attack is to inform the authorities about the attack and immediately look for a company that specializes in recovering encrypted data. Time in these cases is critical to lessen the financial damage caused by ransomware.

So as soon as you identify that your data has been encrypted by Alkhal ransomware contact Digital Recovery to get the recovery done as soon as possible.

Alkhal Ransomware

Recover Files Encrypted by Alkhal Ransomware

Recovery of files encrypted by ransomware is possible regardless of your device, be it a Database, Storage, Server, RAID System or other devices.

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