Ransomware AiDLocker

The AiDLocker ransomware has been drawing attention in recent days. The group has been manifesting itself on forums and social networks such as Telegram, introducing its malware.

We can deduce, due to its relationship with other Russian groups, that the AiDLocker ransomware probably originates from Russia. The group has been active in advertising its malware.

In the current update, we know that AiDLocker features AES-512 encryption, LAN network scanner, process blocker, data clone to shared folder, and some other features.

The group responsible for the AiDLocker ransomware said it has created a new channel on Telegram for “leaking companies that refuse to pay the ransom.” Which proves the practice of double extortion.

The group seems not to have emerged in a lone fashion, other well-established groups have provided support for AiDLocker. Therefore, experts are monitoring their movements.

The group has everything to grow and become highly dangerous, it has been taking its first steps and everything indicates that it will soon be among the big ransomware groups.

The victim of an AiDLocker ransomware attack should be prepared to be able to react effectively to the situation.

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