Ransomware RansomHouse

The RansomHouse ransomware made its first victim in December 2021, according to the group’s own website, a site that is designed for the extortion of its victims. The criminals have been adding new companies to their list of attacks, frequently.

Even if the beginning of RansomHouse is not entirely clear, the organization has not evolved as a completely autonomous group, but rather from other established hacker groups.

RansomHouse threat actors reveal evidence of stolen files and release information about companies that refuse to pay a ransom.

The group’s position in the face of these events is to disclaim any responsibility. Yes, for RansomHouse, the real culprits are those responsible for the mismanagement of cybersecurity in companies.

Taking care to clearly state its intentions, the group makes a statement on its ”About Us” page regarding this issue.

“We believe that the culprits are not those who found the vulnerability or performed the hack, but those who did not adequately take care of security. The culprits are those who did not put a lock on the door, leaving it wide open, inviting everyone in.”

This shows that the group does not care about their victims, on the contrary, they are looking for vulnerabilities to carry out the attack and receive high amounts of ransom money.

Paying the ransom is not recommended by the authorities, furthermore, the group gives no guarantee that the files will be restored after payment, leaving the victim with yet another loss. Never trust the criminals.

Look for solutions that do not rely on the decryption key, Digital Recovery offers such solutions, and the customer only pays after the encrypted data is recovered.

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