Ransom Cartel

The Ransom Cartel has emerged with similarities to the REvil Sodinokibi ransomware, there are certain technical similarities between them, however, it is unclear whether it is really a copy of REvil or a new ransomware that is simply similar.

The files encrypted by Ransom Cartel feature the extension change, ‘.294l0jaf59.‘ is added. The ransom note closely resembles the note from the renowned Revil Sodinokibi. 

The leaders of the REvil group remain with unknown fate, but numerous groups have attempted to take over the legacy left by REvil, which was one of the most lethal groups of recent times. Perhaps the Ransom Cartel is another such group. 

To attack its victims, Ransom Cartel uses Phishing campaigns to access the device, and after the invasion it starts encrypting and blocking access from the administrators. After finishing the encryption process a ransom note is left on the desktop.

In the ransom note is left the information for the victim to contact the group and make the payment of the ransom, this contact is made by .TOR and the payment is made in cryptocurrencies.

Ransomware Ransom Cartel

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