Ransomware NYX

Nyx ransomware is the newest variant recently discovered by cyber researchers. This new ransomware practices one of the most feared strategies for ransomware attack victims: double extortion.

This refers to the fact that they not only encrypt the data, but also steal it. In this way they can exert greater pressure by threatening to disclose the stolen data if there is a delay in paying the ransom.

Unfortunately, this psychological pressure technique does work in the end. For this reason, new ransomware variants decide to adopt the same strategy.

But for the double extortion to work, Nyx ransomware follows a well-defined methodology.

Once the environment is hacked, the attackers then launch the Nyx ransomware, which takes care of scouring the environment for files relevant to the encryption.

The Nyx ransomware then makes a copy of the selected files to a system belonging to those responsible for the attack. It is exactly this data that will be used as pressure for the double extortion.

Only then can the encryption of the files be carried out. The Nyx ransomware adds the following structured extension to all encrypted files: [victim’s unique ID].[attacker’s contact email address].NYX

A ransom note called READ_ME.txt is then generated so that the victim can contact the attackers and pay the ransom.

Certainly, being a victim of a situation like this is terrible and can become even more serious when you are not accompanied by professionals.

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