Ransomware Netwalker

The Netwalker ransomware is among the big ransomware groups, together with REvil Sodinokibi, LockBit. 2.0 and Conti. The group has specialized in attacks on large corporations.

The ransomware was created by the hacker group Circus Spider, which in turn is part of an even larger group, the Mummy Spider. This structure shows that ransomware attacks have become a highly profitable business, attracting even more “collaborators.

Netwalker uses RaaS (Ransomware as a Service) tactics a large number of ransomware groups have used to expand their field of operation. But there are some prerequisites to being a Netwalker affiliate, such as: Networking experience; Russian speaking (specifically, they do not accept English speakers); They will not train inexperienced users; Consistent access to quality targets; Proof of experience.

In addition to the RaaS tactic, the group applies the double extortion tactic, this tactic goes beyond data encryption. After breaking into the victim’s system, the malware copies the files and sends them to a remote server, and then encrypts the original files.

The stolen files are used to extort and blackmail the victim, the names of the attacked companies are posted on the group’s website with a countdown. If the victim does not pay the ransom, the group threatens to delete the decryption key and release the stolen files.

But even if the victim does pay, there is no real guarantee that the group will send the decryption keys or that they will not release the stolen files.

In light of this, it is necessary for the victim to look for other means to recover the files, and Digital Recovery offers unique solutions to recover files encrypted by ransomware.

Recover files encrypted by Netwalker ransomware

Digital Recovery has been in the data recovery market for over 23 years, with the increase in ransomware attacks, we specialize in the recovery of encrypted files.

We can recover data encrypted by ransomware in databases, storages, virtual machines, servers, RAID systems and others.

We have developed unique solutions that can be applied remotely in a totally secure environment without any external interference.

At the end of the process the client can check the integrity of all recovered files, and only after this validation the payment is made.

All information about the processes is confidential and will be protected by the confidentiality agreement (NDA).

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