KalajaTomorr Ransomware

The KalajaTomorr ransomware is one of the newest of the moment, the group emerged timidly in March 2022, but leveraged its attacks in a few weeks.

The group’s target has been the English-speaking system, the group seems to have been developed in Albania, as its name originates from the country.

KalajaTomorr was developed with the AES+RSA encryption algorithm, this is an extremely complex algorithm, the vast majority of ransomware groups use this algorithm. This is a very strong encryption, only with the decryption key matrix can the files be opened.

In view of this, the group charges a high fee to release this key, this fee must be paid in cryptocurrencies, because it is practically untraceable.

Like all ransomware groups, the group makes no guarantee that the decryption key will be released after the ransom has been paid.

In light of this there needs to be an option to paying the ransom, that option is the recovery of encrypted data, Digital Recovery specializes in this.

Recover Ransomware Onyx

Recover Files Encrypted by KalajaTomorr Ransomware

The recovery of data encrypted by ransomware must be done by a specialized company that has full knowledge of both the encryption process and the storage device.

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