Ransomware Daixin

A new ransomware called Daixin has been spotted in activity. There is not much information yet on its technical characteristics, but we already understand the impact Daixin ransomware can have on a company’s operation.

Daixin’s first victim was a community hospital in Missouri, USA. Even before the hospital came forward, the Daixin group had already taken credit for the attack.

Members of the Daixin group took public notice of a link to a darkweb site containing all the stolen data.

According to the available evidence, the stolen material consists of both private documents containing patient data that were taken from internal computers and tables from the MEDITECH database.

We know that the compromised information may have included patient names, dates of birth, medical record numbers, patient account numbers, social numbers, and information about their health and treatment.

In addition to patient information, data about hospital employees and other vulnerabilities in the security system have also been disclosed.

Payment of the ransom is not advised. Attack by ransomware is a crime and those responsible for these acts are criminals. They offer no guarantee that they will keep their word after the ransom is paid.

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