Ransomware BabyDuck

The BabyDuck ransomware may seem harmless from its name, but believe me, it is not. The group is responsible for numerous attacks in recent months, it is just as destructive as any other ransomware group.

BabyDuck uses the AES+RSA algorithm to encrypt the victim’s files, this algorithm is practically impossible to break, all files affected by it get the extension .babyduck and they cannot be opened.

After the encryption process is completed a decryption key is generated, which is stored on the remote server controlled by the criminals. After this the criminals blackmail the victim into paying a ransom and thus being able to access the files again.

So that the victim can contact the group, a file is left fixed on the desktop, containing information and directions for the victim to negotiate the ransom.

Any contact with the criminals is discouraged by government authorities, because the groups expect it, and use psychological tactics to get the victim to pay the ransom, money that will fund the group for further attacks. Besides the group gives no guarantee that the decryption key will be released.

Therefore, it is necessary to look for solutions that do not depend on negotiating with the hacker, Digital Recovery offers specific solutions to recover data encrypted by ransomware.

Recover files encrypted by BabyDuck ransomware

With over 23 years of data recovery experience, we specialize in recovering data encrypted by ransomware. We can recover files encrypted in databases, storages, virtual machines, servers, RAID systems, and others.

We can recover files encrypted in databases, storages, virtual machines, servers, RAID systems, and others.

Our solutions are customized and can be adapted to the real needs of each client, and can be executed remotely, which eliminates the need to send the affected media to one of our labs, which drastically reduces the recovery time.

Confidentiality is key, so we have developed an NDA (confidentiality agreement) that we make available to all our customers.

We can start recovery right now, contact us and allow us to perform advanced diagnostics to stipulate the chances of recovering your files.

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