Ransomware AKO

AKO ransomware emerged in 2020, and since then a few variations have emerged, today there is an active variation responsible for numerous attacks around the world.

Despite the changes and time the AKO group remains with the same tactics,  double extortion remains in use.

The group specializes not only in encrypting the victim’s data, but also in stealing it. After the malware accesses the target system, it makes copies of all stored files, these copies are sent to a remote server and are used to blackmail the victim.

The main target of the ransomware is to target the backup, the malware is designed to do this, so that there is no possibility of the system being restored by the victim.

The encrypted files are given a random extension to their name, all files with this extension cannot be opened or changed.

The ransomware generates a file that is pinned to the desktop, which contains the means for the victim to contact the criminals to negotiate the ransom.

Recover files encrypted by AKO ransomware

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