Ransomware AgainstTheWest

The AgainstTheWest ransomware belongs to the hacktivist group of the same name. There is not much information yet about who the members of the group are. However, they have been carrying out attacks around the world.

Among their victims today are the Chinese Ministry of Public Security and the company ByteDance, creator of the social network TikTok. With these two attacks AgainstTheWest has managed to create a reputation among other ransomwares.

The group laid out what its mission is in a posting on its website, which said, “We are a group of people who are against authoritarian and corrupt governments.”

According to an interview conducted with a participant in the group, the interviewee claimed that the AgainstTheWest group was composed of six former members of the intelligence services.

We do not know where they come from, however, the use of some French language words during the interview could possibly show a connection between the country and the hacktivist group.

The AgainstTheWest ransomware can cause irreversible damage to a company, so it is important to rely on competent professionals for data recovery.

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